Shanghai Houmi Internet of things is a professional provider of industrial Internet of things solutions. The company integrates R & D, sales, design, manufacturing and services, and provides wireless networking solutions for various application scenarios of industrial Internet of things. Provide multi industry project planning consulting, our main business: provide on-site connection, wired or wireless networking solutions, the "four technologies" services in the field of communication technology, and industrial Internet of things solutions. Main products: equipment data acquisition gateway and various industrial terminals; Production data acquisition and analysis system; Industrial Kanban system; Industrial material pulling system; Industrial workshop lighting system; Since its establishment, after several years of market expansion and technical precipitation, the production equipment condition monitoring system enterprise has accumulated hundreds of customers, including well-known enterprises such as BMW, Lear group, JUNLEBAO, Honeywell, caterpillar, Hilti, Huawei, etc.

Driven by intelligent technology, we are committed to becoming a double standard enterprise of quality and service in the industry. For the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, Houmi Internet of things has a set of industrial Internet of things core LinkInside@SCADA Platform. Based on 5g transmission technology with low delay, high bandwidth, large capacity and high reliability, and mec technology of multi access edge computing, it is an intelligent factory integrated support platform for factory equipment interconnection, factory data acquisition and workshop site HMI. The platform is connected to the industrial field terminal through wireless SCADA and WiFi, Ge is wired to the enterprise edge MEC server cluster, and the data is connected to the enterprise cloud through 5g special line. The platform has built-in high-performance computing platform, security lamp and transparent factory system to help enterprises quickly realize the digital upgrading of factories.